ALICE Enrichment Fund

ALICE Enrichment Fund pays up to $300 per child per year, to a maximum of $900 per family, to cover the cost of enrichment activities like sports, music, and robotics.


Studies show that enrichment activities—like sports, music, and robotics—can improve health and wellness, boost academic achievement, and build social and emotional skills in the children who participate.

For children in low-to-moderate-income families, these activities are often too costly for them to participate in. United Way’s ALICE Enrichment Fund exists to make sure that every child can reap the benefits of enrichment activities.




United Way provides funding to regional partners who administer the funds to families in all 27 towns that we serve. Parents apply directly to the regional partner on behalf of their children. Find out which local partners are helping to distribute this fund in your town by completing the form below. In Danbury, New Fairfield, Newtown, and Stamford families can apply right from the form below.

Make sure you have the following 3 documents ready to upload before you apply (Do this from a computer if it's easier, or make sure you can access these documents on your phone if you are on your mobile. Pictures are fine.)

  1. Proof of age for the child(ren) you are requesting aid for (Documents must show your child's full name and date of birth):
    • Birth Certificate
    • OR, School enrollment letter
    • OR, Passport
    • OR, Photo ID
  2. Proof of income (Make sure to black out any social security or tax ID numbers):
    • A Recent Paystub
    • OR, Tax document (W2, Form 1099, etc.)
    • OR, Proof of employment in the form of a letter from your employer (must state your total annual income)
  3. Enrichment Activity Information
    • Could be a flyer, application form, etc., which talks about the activity.
    • The documentation must include the total amount of the activity and who and where to send payment for the activity.


Check the income charts below.